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Wallabagger is a browser extension that let's you save pages on your wallabag account.

Starting from v1.14.0 the extension is able to take the content of the page from the browser and send it to wallabag, so that the server does not have to fetch the page by itself. This allows you to save pages that may fail otherwise (e.g. pages with heavy javascript or behind a paywall).

Up until recently I've used a custom integration of mine to perform the same thing using WebScrapBook1. But as the related browser extension had an update with important breaking changes, I though it was too much work to fix it and I gave a new try to wallabagger.

While I was satisfied by the results, putting specific domains in a list was pretty inflexible.

The release of v1.16.0 added an option to fetch content from the browser by default, giving the ability to ignore the domain list. This is pretty cool. However I found it nearly as inflexible as the previous version, as I still want to save some pages the old way.

How could I have the ability to easily chose between either fetching content from the browser or not when saving a page through this extension? A few weeks ago I started to dig into the source code. And while going through the different files, something caught my attention in the extension manifest.

There are two shortcuts set and available for several actions:

Firefox extension shortcuts view of wallabagger

Understanding the difference between these two actions actually gave me a workaroung for what I want.

Considering that the "Retrieve content from the browser by default" option is enabled:

  • "Activate toolbar button" will save a page by using content from the browser
  • "Save the page into Wallabag without opening the popup" will save a page through the background worker and thus ignore the option, letting the server fetching the content

In short, when you're on a page you want to save on wallabag, use Alt+W to fetch content from browser, otherwise use Alt+Shift+W.

Follow [these instructions] to change these shortcuts on Firefox. I guess there's a similar way to change them on Chrome-based browsers.