I am a system engineer and developer living in France. Computers are my passion since high school when I started developing websites on my spare time. Following the exploration of new languages like C# I joined the Microsoft's community as a student partner for few years. I truly discovered the Linux world at the same time and sharing the two worlds was an interesting experiment. I eventually focused on the latter as a trainer and full-time system engineer. The use of a wide range of languages and technologies is my everyday challenge, so are production and monitoring topics in general.

Knoppix, Mandrake, Gentoo and others remind me funny memories of the old time and I've contributed for a while to Exherbo, a great and fresh source-based distribution. I've co-founded Clever Cloud, a french awesome cloud platform, where I was the former production manager. You can checkout my profile on GitHub and LinkedIn.

My spare time lets me enjoy my other passions like photography, books and Japanese culture to name a few. I share photos on Flickr, thoughts on this blog, notes and links on the fediverse, and sometimes anecdotes about sysadmin on *Le Kdecherf.

You can reach me by email at kevin @ kdecherf.comand don't hesitate to use my GPG key 0x108ABD75A81E6E2F if you need privacy— or on Matrix.