At Clever Cloud we use Zabbix to monitor our platform. When I see a problem I would like to be able to go to the host's settings or graphs from its pop up menu.
Unfortunately, this feature is not available on the frontend.


Well, the fix to add new items in this menu is quite simple. In the following figure, I add two links: "Settings" and "Graphs".

--- js/init.js
+++ js/init.js
@@ -47,6 +47,8 @@
      // add go to links
      menu.push(createMenuHeader(t('Go to')));
      menu.push(createMenuItem(t('Latest data'), 'latest.php?hostid=' + menuData.hostid));
+     menu.push(createMenuItem(t('Graphs'), 'charts.php?hostid=' + menuData.hostid));
+     menu.push(createMenuItem(t('Settings'), 'hosts.php?form=update&hostid=' + menuData.hostid));
      if (menuData.hasInventory) {
         menu.push(createMenuItem(t('Host inventories'), 'hostinventories.php?hostid=' + menuData.hostid));

And now we can take shortcuts to go to the Settings and Graphs pages:


Please note that this fix doesn't consider the user rights