Several days ago I wanted to monitor the HTTP Return Code of an API in Zabbix. My first attempt with Scenarios in Web Monitoring was a fail.

The proper way to do it is to use generated items for each Scenario. But if you want to monitor a resource with only one step, you can also use the following tip:

First, add a new item to your host with this key:[host,path,80,HTTP/1\.1.*,12]

Replace host by the hostname or the ip, path by the resource path to monitor without the leading '/' and replace 80 by a specific port if the server uses another port.

Then, you can create a trigger for this item with the following expression:

(({[host,path,80,HTTP/1\.1.*,12].regexp(HTTP/1.1\ 200)})#1)

(if you want to trigger an alert when the return code is not 200)